Kitchen Cabinet Trends For 2022


It’s finally here, the Superior Cabinets kitchen cabinet trend predictions for 2022. There have been many inspiration points for these trends including virtual trade shows, customer demand, supply chain outages, and sales data. That said, here are the trend predictions from the Superior Cabinets trends experts. For the complete article, including trends to avoid, see 2022 Kitchen Trends by Superior Cabinets.

2022 Kitchen cabinet design trends by Superior Cabinets for USA and Canada Author - Shahan Fancy.

QUALITY PREVAILS:  Homeowners say they are willing to invest in higher quality materials and products that will surpass normal wear and tear usage, as they are spending more time at home and want things to last.

DECORATIVE HOOD FANS:  It is clear, people want this area to be a primary focal point and are willing to invest in semi-custom and custom wood hoods, especially with square modern stylings.

Square modern hood Fan by Superior Cabinets, part of the 2022 kitchen design trends.

VERTICAL QUARTZ APPLICATION:  You’ll be seeing more vertical Quartz, Large Format Tile [LFT], and Ultra Compact material being used for backsplashes, cabinet doors, and backs of islands. This material is no longer just for the counter anymore.

DARK WOOD STAINS:  The trend experts are seeing an uptake in the demand for darker wood stains for accent items, hood fans, and islands. They doubt homeowners will be choosing a dark wood stain for an entire kitchen and island any time soon, but only for accents at this time.

DARK AND BOLD PAINTED CABINETS:  The Superior Cabinets trend spotters guarantee that dark painted cabinets will be on trend for 2022. Inspired by carbon, zinc, graphite, and charcoal elements, emerging in fashion, fine furniture, and other industries.

•	Fusion Stillwater by Superior Cabinets, a dark blue-green painted finish on MDF.

GREEN MEETS GRAY:  The 2022 color of the year by Sherwin-Williams, Evergreen Fog [SW 9130], will have major influence for wall paint, art, accessories, decorative items, and more. Experts are keeping a close eye on this nature and organic inspired color.

2022 kitchen trends, Evergreen fog SW 9130, the 2022 color of the year by Sherwin-Williams.

LIGHTER WOOD STAINS:  People want lighter wood stains, but without the yellow of natural wood. Inspired by Organic Modern and Boho Chic styles, you will be seeing more lighter woods like this in kitchens for 2022.

THREE-TONED KITCHENS:  People want at least two tones or finishes in their forever kitchen. It is predicted that three toned kitchens will be trending at a frenetic pace for 2022. This has been inspired by the eclectic style trend which has gained huge popularity in the past 5 years.

GRAPHITE DECORATIVE HARDWARE:  Why? Because it is an easy hardware finish to blend with two or three toned kitchens. Matte Black decorative hardware will continue to be on top, but could graphite surpass it in 2022? We shall see.

Picture of a cabinet handle in a Graphite finish on a grey cabinet, expected to be trending in 2022, as predicted by Superior Cabinets.

KNOBS:  The trend experts are seeing more knobs being selected, mostly for cabinet doors, while keeping handles on the drawer fronts. This mixed look also lends well to the eclectic style trend, which continues to climb in popularity.

FLOATING SHELVES:  Floating shelves have always been hot, but Corner Floating Shelves started to gain serious momentum in early 2021. That said, corner floating shelves are not something to avoid considering in your forever kitchen, budget permitting.

Corner floating shelves, part of the 2022 kitchen trends by Superior Cabinets.

TALLER WALL CABINETS:  It’s rare to see open space above upper cabinets nowadays. As ceilings get taller, you will see full height or stacked upper wall cabinets continue to trend in 2022.

SILVER DRAWER SLIDES:  Homeowners are selecting these because they are durable and easy to adjust. In the US, wood dovetails are still the number one choice, but the silver-grey metal double-walled drawer slides are in second place.

POT FILLERS:  Once reserved for only luxury homes, pot fillers are becoming more accessible and popular for mainstream kitchens. Some say, once you have a pot filler, you will never live without one.


Trend spotting for the kitchen and bath industry has been challenging with the lack of trade shows because of COVID-19. In February 2022, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show [KBIS] will be happening in person, an important show for displaying new items that are trending. Stay tuned for a mid-year update from the Superior Cabinets trend experts.

For the complete article, including trends to avoid, see 2022 Kitchen Trends by Superior Cabinets.


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