2019 Kitchen Cabinet Trends


Kitchen cabinet trends come and go, but keeping a close eye on them is always a good idea if you are planning a kitchen remodel.

2019 Kitchen Cabinet Trends


It’s true, wood cabinet sales are in decline in the United States market and MDF cabinets are the reason why. At first, the push to wood-alternative cabinets was driven by the need to reduce costs. With the many technological advancements in MDF cabinet finishing, we can safely say that MDF kitchens are not only here to stay but gaining traction.

MDF was once an untrusted material for the home, however with the shift from wood to MDF in the past 15 years for interior doors, case work, trim work and baseboards, MDF is not only trusted but preferred.      


Pop over to Houzz, Pinterest or Instagram and you quickly find that every kitchen remodel features images of a shaker door style. This is because homeowners love the simplicity and beauty of this door profile. It looks great and is relatively easy to clean. If you are looking for a shaker-style door for your kitchen remodel, consider going with a 3” wide profile, instead of the typical 2 ¼” width, for that more substantial look.

Shaker Door Style


There are many style indicators that prove that symmetry will be a hot trend for kitchen cabinets in 2019. For example, patterned geometric tiles are extremely popular for their punch of color and pattern, but we believe it is the geometric symmetry of these tiles that is so appealing.



Yes, white kitchen cabinets are the current frontrunner for many kitchen remodels in the USA, however many homeowners are injecting elements of color on their kitchen cabinets. Choosing a solid painted MDF color for your kitchen island or peninsula is a great way to achieve a much-desired punch of color. If you don’t like permanent color, you can easily avoid it or inject it in other areas such as paint or countertop appliances or accessories.

Colored Cabinets


Back by popular demand, gold cabinet hardware is still trending in 2019. Gold cabinetry hardware is well-complimented with all colors of cabinets including rich colored dark painted cabinets or even white cabinetry.

Gold Hardware


Some prefer to go with the trends and some prefer to avoid them. No matter what, it’s always a great idea to choose a cabinetry finish and door style that you’ll love for many years to come. Time will tell what will be popular for kitchen trends in 2019.   


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