Choosing Your Kitchen Designer

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Your kitchen designer plays a key role in helping you realize and actualize your dream kitchen. Getting the right people on your team will help you ensure your kitchen remodel is a fun and successful endeavor. Here are some things to consider when choosing your kitchen designer.

Choosing Your Kitchen Designer


It’s really important you connect with your kitchen designer. This is very difficult to measure and is often more emotional, but most people can tell when there is a real connection. You will be spending considerable time with your kitchen designer, so it’s best to work with someone you genuinely connect with.


Everyone has and requires a different communication style. Ensure you partner with someone whose communication style is most suitable for you. If you are someone that values daily or weekly communication, it is also a great idea to emphasize this in the beginning stages to ensure you are both on the same page. This easy conversation can really help reduce stress as you move forward with your kitchen remodel.


Most established kitchen designers are comfortable and excellent at designing all styles of kitchens including Traditional, Modern, Old World, Eclectic or Contemporary.  Once you have determined your preferred style, you can always ask your prospective kitchen designer for some examples from their professional portfolio. This way you can see their capability and style. Every established designer has some body of work they can show you and would be happy to show it off.


Knowing your values will also help determine if you and your prospective kitchen designer are aligned. For example, if you are someone who is frugal it’s good to know if this value or trait is important to your designer, as they have the opportunity to take creative liberties while they plan your space.


Choosing your kitchen designer is a very important step in the kitchen remodel journey. Most people remodel their kitchen once in a lifetime, so it is important to select people that understand your vision and who can deliver your dream space. There are many great kitchen and bath firms in the United States, so take your time and follow your heart.


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