Kitchen Perimeter [Light Finish]:  Laminate Porcelain High Gloss, Everest Door Style. Kitchen Uppers [Dark Finish], Bar Floating Shelves:  Laminate Cannes Horizontal, Everest Horizontal Door Style. Vanities, Bar, Mudroom:  Laminate Porcelain High Gloss, Everest Door Style, and Laminate Cannes. Island:  Discontinued Laminate Finish. More...

Color Your Way Custom Paint Color Program

Read more about our Color Your Way Custom Paint Color Program. More...


Kitchen, Vanity, Mudroom [Base]:  MDF, Fusion Quarry, Darby [Slim Shaker] One Piece MDF Door Style. Open Shelf [Peninsula], Floating Shelves [Mudroom/Desk]:  Black Walnut, Burlap Stain. More...


Kitchen and Vanities:  Maple Anchor, Vienna Veneer Slab Door Style, Vertical Grain More...


Kitchen [Painted Finish]:  Fusion Flint (Matte), Antonio/Slab MDF Door Style. Kitchen [Wood Finish]:  Discontinued. Mudroom:  Fusion Pavingstone, Antonio/Slab MDF Door Style. Vanities:  Fusion Prosecco (Matte), Antonio/Slab MDF Door Style. More...

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