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Light wood stains were highlighted as a significant trend in the 2022 Kitchen Cabinet Trends article by Superior Cabinets, published in December 2021. Since then, this trend has exploded in popularity as homeowners look to incorporate more natural and nature-inspired elements into their homes.

New Light Wood Stains. Author - Shahan Fancy, Superior Cabinets.

The Superior Cabinets Kitchen Design Experts noticed a significant shift from wood-alternative cabinets back to natural wood, as many are seeking higher quality materials than in years prior. There is no doubt that homeowners are willing to invest in quality materials and finishes that will surpass average usage.  

To align with this shift, the Superior Cabinets portfolio development team has worked on two exciting new wood stains and is pleased to announce them. Now available for Spring 2022, introducing the Cornsilk and Butterscotch stains. These stains will be available on all wood species, including Oak, Rift Cut White Oak, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, and Black Walnut. Each stain looks unique, based on the natural wood tone of each species they are applied to, and they are all beautiful in their own unique way.

Hickory wood with butterscotch stain on a shaker cabinet door by superior cabinets
Hickory Butterscotch – Shaker Door
Cherry wood with cornsilk stain on a shaker cabinet door by superior cabinets
Cherry Cornsilk – Shaker Door


Butterscotch is the darker stain of the two, but only slightly. Its subtle warmth provides a beautiful and rich look that perfectly complements mid-century modern, organic modern, boho chic, and art deco design styles. The Kitchen and Bath Design experts at Superior Cabinets predict Butterscotch could be the ideal light wood stain.

Wood samples of the Butterscotch stain on Oak, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, Black Walnut, and Rift Cut White Oak by Superior Cabinets


This stain is perfect for those who want a natural-looking wood tone but without the yellow undertones of some unstained wood species with only a clear or natural finish. Cornsilk is light and fresh and emphasizes the natural wood grain for those who genuinely appreciate it.  

Wood samples of the Cornsilk stain on Oak, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, Black Walnut, and Rift Cut White Oak by Superior Cabinets


Since the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Superior Cabinets trend experts noticed a significant shift in growth for natural wood materials for kitchens and cabinetry in general, especially for light wood stains. Many Designers, Decorators, Remodelers, and Home Builders were looking for light woods that had warmth but weren’t too yellow or brown. Noticing an opportunity, the Superior Cabinets portfolio development team started working on the Buttermilk and Cornsilk stains.


Time will tell which door style patterns and stain combinations will be the most popular for these new light wood stains, but here are the predictions from the Superior Cabinets Kitchen Design Experts and Authorized Dealer Partners.

Oak and Rift Cut White Oak:  The Eryn Slim Shaker and the Slab Vienna Veneer Doors are predicted to be the most popular for Oak and Rift Cut White Oak. These lend to a sleek mid-century modern look that many are trying to achieve in their designs.

Rift Cut White Oak Wood with Cornsilk Stain on a Vienna Slab Veneer Door Style by Superior Cabinets
Rift Cut White Oak Cornsilk – Vienna Slab Veneer Door
Oak wood with Cornsilk stain on an Eryn Slim Shaker, Narrow Shaker, Micro Shaker Door Style by Superior Cabinets
Oak Cornsilk – Eryn Slim Shaker Door

Maple:  Georgia is expected to be the most popular door pattern for Maple. Its elegant inverted 30-degree rout profile is a great look and excellent for those wanting a transitional style for their cabinets.

Maple Wood with Butterscotch stain on a Georgia flat Panel Door Style by Superior Cabinets
Maple Butterscotch – Georgia Door

Hickory:  The Canmore Solid Raised Panel door style is anticipated to prevail in popularity with Hickory wood. The experts also feel that the Arizona door could be a strong contender with its emphasized straight 30-degree bevel rout.

Hickory Wood with Butterscotch stain on a Canmore Solid Raised Panel Door Style by Superior Cabinets
Hickory Butterscotch – Canmore Door
Hickory wood with Cornsilk stain on an Arizona Door Style by Superior Cabinets Hickory Cornsilk – Arizona Door
Hickory Cornsilk – Arizona Door

Cherry:  The Tuscany Solid Raised Panel door was the clear winner, as Cherry wood looks fantastic in a 100% solid wood door.

Cherry Wood with Butterscotch stain on a Tuscany Solid Raised Panel Door Style by Superior Cabinets
Cherry Butterscotch – Tuscany Door

Black Walnut:  The experts selected a Reverse Raised Panel Wood Door Profile in the Pembrook style for Black Walnut. They felt that a completely solid wood door would offer a more dynamic wood grain pattern and a more consistent color, as there is no veneer wood material on this door. This door still resembles a flat panel shaker look on the front, but the raised center panel is reversed and shows on the inside of the door. Learn more about Reverse Raised Panel Wood Doors.

Black Walnut Wood with Butterscotch stain on a Pembroke Solid Reverse Raised Panel Door Style by Superior Cabinets
Black Walnut Butterscotch – Pembrooke [Solid Reverse Raised Panel Door]


Introducing new stains is not a quick task if done correctly. Repeatability and producing each stain on all wood species multiple times over is essential for a cabinet firm. Repeatability is vital for service parts or add-on extra parts during installation to maintain a consistent look, particularly important for light wood stains, as there is so much wood grain showing.

The 4-step Cabinet Finish Testing process by Superior Cabinets.

Once repeatability is achieved to the color tolerance guidelines, samples are tested in a laboratory. These lab tests follow the same protocols outlined by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA). These testing conditions include Hot and Cold Testing, Accelerated Natural Wear and Tear, Long-Period Exposure, and Substance Tolerance to Detergent and Water. Learn more about the Superior Cabinets Finishing Process here.


These new light wood stains are a great selection if you are looking for natural wood but without the yellow or brown undertones. Again, each stain looks different on each wood species due to the natural tone of the wood. If you would like to see these two new wood stains, ensure you get in contact with an Authorized Superior Cabinets Dealer Partner in the USA or Canada today.


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